Film series from the Japan Society
Shinjuku Ecstasy: Independent Films from the Art Theater Guild of Japan

Introductions from this series:
Steve Ridgely on Throw Away Your Books, Let’s Go Into the Streets
Jonathan M Hall on Funeral Parade of Roses
Roland Domenig on Death by Hanging
Michael Raine on Silence Has No Wings
Mathieu Capel on Eros + Massacre
Mark Nones on The Inferno of First Love
Hirasawa Go on Ecstasy of the Angels

Roland Domenig – “The Anticipation of Freedom: Art Theater Guild and Japanese Independent Cinema”

Close-up film program from the UK
Theater Scorpio: Japanese Independent and Experimental Cinema of the 1960’s

MOMA film program
Art Theater Guild and Japanese Underground Cinema, 1960-1986

The Art Theater Guild Pamphlet Project at Nihon Cine Art

“The Remarkable World of Art Theater Guild Posters” from the blog Eigagogo: Exploring Japanese Cinema

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