Here are some additional resources on the work of Adachi Masao and Koji Wakamatsu

Film = Activism: The Revolutionary Underground Cinema of Masao Adachi
Presented by Harvard Film Archive

Fandor’s Obituary of Wakamatsu Koji

Interview with Wakamatsu Koji by Caroline Maufroid and Fréderic Maffre

Dickon Neech – “Cycling Chronicles, Semiotics, and the Landscape Theory”

At great personal expense, I have purchased two boxed sets of Wakamatsu Koji’s films: (both Volume 2 and 3 have English subtitles, unfortunately, Volume 1 does not have English subtitles). Koji Wakamatsu Volume 2 Season of Terror (1969) Running in Madness, Dying in Love (1969) Sex Jack (1970) Angelic Orgasm (1972) (aka Ecstasy of the Angels) Koji Wakamatsu Volume 3 Naked Bullet (1969) Violent Virgin (1969) Shinjuku Mad (1970) Violence Without a Cause (1969) The above films will be made available to students on DVD at the SFSU Library

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