Here are some additional resources on the work of Adachi Masao and Koji Wakamatsu

Film = Activism: The Revolutionary Underground Cinema of Masao Adachi
Presented by Harvard Film Archive

Fandor’s Obituary of Wakamatsu Koji

Interview with Wakamatsu Koji by Caroline Maufroid and Fréderic Maffre Translated from french by Maximilian Mensdorff-Pouilly

Dickon Neech – “Cycling Chronicles, Semiotics, and the Landscape Theory”

At great personal expense, I have purchased two boxed sets of Wakamatsu Koji’s films: (both Volume 2 and 3 have English subtitles, unfortunately, Volume 1 does not have English subtitles). Koji Wakamatsu Volume 2 Season of Terror (1969) Running in Madness, Dying in Love (1969) Sex Jack (1970) Angelic Orgasm (1972) (aka Ecstasy of the Angels) Koji Wakamatsu Volume 3 Naked Bullet (1969) Violent Virgin (1969) Shinjuku Mad (1970) Violence Without a Cause (1969) The above films will be made available to students on DVD at the SFSU Library